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India Fair Sponsorship

India Fair Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to target the most affluent South Asian Indian Community.

Indian community is the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States – a growth rate of 53% the highest for any Asian American Community.
Edison city in New Jersey enjoys 18% Indian Americans – the highest percentage in the United States.
Indians are the richest immigrant ethnic group with highest per capital income and highest purchasing power has become a force to reckon with 3.22 million strong in US.
Average Indian household makes around $90,000 which is much more than National average.
Participation in this Fair would give you opportunity to target the ethnic market and to generate profitable and superior returns for your investments.


India Fair is committed to promote and showcase Indian heritage and culture in the USA. It has a dedicated Team of experienced and dedicated professionals who enjoy more than 12 years of professionalism in organizing the events. The purposes of these events are to bring together the community, various businesses under one roof, promote diversity, business networking and so on. At the event, you will have tremendous opportunities to present your company. You will have a special booth at the event, direct interaction with people, special promotion at fair, banners at the stage and other places, logo on the flyer, poster, press release and other websites including India Fair, recognition on the stage and much more to make your company presence more pronounced among the community.

Infinite visibility
Among South Asians
Particularly Indians

Messaged to

Reach Millions
Of target people
And give out
Your message.


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email at indiafairnj@gmail.com